What they say…

“Geoff and Mary Norridge and my wife and I worked as friends and colleagues in ministry for many years. Their pastoral insight and care for people is second to none. These excellent booklets for marriage preparation and enrichment are born out of a wealth of experience. They are a great resource for those wanting to develop their marriage, and for spiritual leaders who supporting the already-married and those preparing for marriage, still one of the great adventures of life. The wisdom in this course is priceless, and the presentation thorough and sensitive. I highly recommend these booklets!”

—Steve Thomas, Team Leader
Salt & Light Ministries International


“We loved this material at our time of marriage preparation and this revised edition is great. It will bless all who use it and so needed when many people (even from church backgrounds) missed out on this important opportunity.”

—Tammi Beegoo
mother of three, former nurse, Oxfordshire, UK

“It is an honour and privilege to commend to all the readers of these series of material on Marriage written by Geoff & Mary. I have sat through their ministry in the yesteryears and was amazed to see that it was totally relevant to the Asian audience. The content was biblical and not western and so it was transcultural. This subject is an ever-needy subject that has to be regularly addressed in all churches and communities.”

—Stanley Mehta, Founder
Gateway Ministries International, India


“Strong marriages build healthy families and communities. Geoff and Mary have a great track record in both! This course has the power to help, improve and develop you to be a blessing to your home and society. Using the Bible as their foundation, they have brought basic Biblical principles to the fore of how to build marriage successfully. This course is guaranteed to improve your marriage whether you’re engaged to be married, newly married or have celebrated your Golden Wedding! We would urge every couple to work through these pages and expect revitalisation, lots of challenges and moments of laughter.”

—Dave & Chris Richards
Salt & Light Ministries International Team