Marriage Matters

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Today, many people are at best confused and certainly ambivalent about marriage. If the church is going to be prophetic to this generation, it needs to find a practical strategy to help others – both within the church and outside of it – to rediscover why God says marriage is so important.

This book presents a brief Biblical basis for marriage, an assessment of current cultural trends and a strategy for practical action. Rather than simply sit and wring our hands in dismay, we can do something!

Marriage Matters is not intended to be a comprehensive manual on marriage – there are plenty of excellent books which do that. Rather it is a prophetic call, full of practical ideas, for raising the esteem of ‘the holy estate of matrimony’ in our society. Whether you are a pastor, leader, youth worker – or just an ‘average Christian’ wanting to help your friend or neighbour – this book shows that you can play a part in turning the tide of decay in your nation.

“The decline of marriage and moral standards is severe and the link between them, to the average person, clear, even if politicians refuse to acknowledge it. The church has both the responsibility and ability to ‘turn the tide’ of decay. I commend this book to you and encourage you to read it and act upon it.”
—Steve Thomas, Team Leader, Salt & Light Ministries International
“Geoff & Mary Norridge are strategists with a passion to see marriage strengthened in society. In this excellent book they show how any of us, (married or single) can make a difference and how together we can turn the tide of marriage breakdown. If every church included ‘Marriage Matters’ as part of their pastoral training, our society could be transformed.”
—Nicky and Sila Lee, Alpha International, authors of The Marriage Course)
“Geoff & Mary Norridge draws on their extensive wisdom and experience, and gives a clear practical strategy, rooted in Scripture for supporting and strengthening marriage. This book is a timely challenge for us all!”
—Katharine Hill,  UK Director, Care for the Family