Condition of Use

We want to make all publications on Family Life God’s Way available for use by the Body of Christ as widely as possible free of charge.

We have removed the constraints of printed format by offering them as files in PDF format with the following understandings:

  • The PDF files may be downloaded free of charge
  • Copies of the booklets may be printed free of charge for use by participants (i.e. there is no royalty fee to be paid for making copies)
  • No charge for the booklets must be made beyond the cost of printing them
  • The PDF files may not be uploaded to another website or made available in any other way
  • A link to this website may be included in another website
  • The front cover photo of any of the booklets may be changed in order to be more relevant to the setting in which they are being used
  • Other than changing any front cover photo, the authors’ permission must be obtained before adapting, altering, editing or translating the material.