Marriage God’s Way (set of 8 booklets)

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Marriage God’s Way

Marriage God’s Way uses the picture of described in OT Proverbs 24:3,4:

Through skilful and godly wisdom is a house (a life, a home, a family) built, and by understanding it is established (on a sound and good foundation). And by knowledge shall the chambers (of its every area) be filled with all precious and pleasant riches. [OT Proverbs 24:3,4 AMPC]

This set of booklets traces the stages of a man and a woman building their ‘house’ (their marriage, their home, their family) together.

Throughout Marriage God’s Way, we have endeavoured to provide a Biblical basis and perspective for each topic covered. This helps to reduce the influence of culture—whether continental or national or even within a nation. It helps us to look at Marriage God’s Way. (An earlier edition was produced in English, Polish, French and Malayalam.) We have used this material extensively for Marriage Enrichment Retreats and in Bible colleges in UK and other countries. Because of its strong Biblical basis, it has the potential to cross cultural boundaries.

Each of the eight booklets is referred to as a Chapter:

  • Chapter 1. “I have a dream…” — God’s vision and purpose for marriage
  • Chapter 2. Getting Ready to Build — Preparing a firm foundation
  • Chapter 3. Good Foundations — Building to last
  • Chapter 4. Building Together — Growing in understanding each other
  • Chapter 5. Weatherproofing — Preparations for stormy weather
  • Chapter 6. Furnishing the Rooms—Part 1 — Expressing love
  • Chapter 7. Furnishing the Rooms—Part 2 — A three-cord is not easily broken
  • Chapter 8. Our Home—An Embassy of The Kingdom — A little bit of heaven on earth
  • Leader’s Guide. Using the Booklets — for marriage enrichment or marriage preparation