Friends and Associates

Salt & Light International

Salt & Light is an international family of churches and leaders, across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. It developed in the early 1970s as leaders, churches and families of churches were drawn together by a common desire to see the Body of Christ grow to be all God wants it to be. This has grown into an international family of several different apostolic spheres, joined through the relationship of leaders.

Salt & Light ADVANCE

A family of 22 churches and church locations within Salt & Light UK. It has a rich history of relationship and shared activity for many years. The Advance ‘sphere’ contains churches in Wales, Worcestershire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire.

Oxfordshire Community Churches

Oxfordshire Community Churches in the UK is a family of regions, churches and other initiatives – working together as a single charity. Each of those churches and initiatives now has its own website. It is part of a wider family of churches – Salt & Light Advance – and part of Salt & Light Ministries

Gateway Ministries International

GMI is a vibrant group of charismatic, evangelical, born-again, spirit-filled, highly relational, family-based churches spread out across India and Overseas.